Every situation is unique. The most important thing an advisor can do is to learn about your individual situation. At Forshaw Wealth Management, we spend considerable time up front, to ensure that you receive the guidance and advice you need down the road.


Holistic wealth management starts with a Financial Plan. A Financial Plan helps set realistic expectations and can uncover opportunities to help increase your chances of attaining your goals. We analyze your existing situation, including strategies and investments that you are currently using, to evaluate the relevance to your plan.


Once your plan is complete we will review the recommendations and begin implementing your strategy. In addition to traditional investment recommendations, you may require risk management strategies to protect what you have accumulated. Portfolio construction starts with your Investment Policy Statement. This document is your blueprint for investment success and governs the security selection process.


After you approve the investment strategy, your custom portfolio is created according to your Investment Policy Statement. You remain actively involved in setting the strategy, yet free from the day-to-day investment decisions. In this world of ever increasing complexity, it is not enough to simply diversify to reduce risk. Our security selection process is geared towards ensuring Antifragile portfolios – we believe this is essential to long-term success.


You will receive regular reviews to evaluate your progress towards your goals. As your situation changes over time, the Discovery Process begins again, and changes are made to your plan as required.